COVID-19 Still Altering the Teaching Profession

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The COVID-19 virus has affected many. In one way or another, it has changed everyone’s life.

Schooling experienced much change as a whole. COVID affected the students and the classroom, but had perhaps the largest impact on teachers.

Teachers had to cope with students being out because of COVID, half of the school missing each day, and emailing students that were failing because they were missing large numbers of assignments. Before the pandemic, some teachers were teaching most of their classes offline, paper and pencil only, but because of COVID, all classes went online. Students had to use Zoom and Google meet if they were absent or quarantined. 

However, some teachers feel they were more prepared for the change than others.

“It really did not affect me as much as some others because I had gone all-in on Google Classroom several years before the pandemic,” English Teacher Mr. Zachary Houp said. 

Some teachers seemed to appreciate the changes they had to make because of COVID.

“Before COVID, I did not use tech at all, but when Covid started, it forced me into using tech,” history teacher Mr. Joseph Snyder said.

This virus has changed and impacted everyone in different ways. Teaching remotely was a large shift, especially if the teacher was using largely in-person resources before the switch. Going virtual required teachers to have all of their material online, and some teachers had to shift all of their entire curriculum over.

The COVID-19 virus did a lot of damage to not just the schools but the world in general. It killed millions of people, some close to home. Many students’ grades have been influenced, and some have plummeted, because of time spent undertaking virtual learning.

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