Twitter Files Spark and Sputter in Equal Measure

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Starting the beginning of December, independent journalist Matt Taibbi has released information and conversations that were posted to Twitter but censored by the previous heads of Twitter.

Taibbi is an independent journalist who has reported on multiple political stories in the past years.

“Anytime you have a true/independent journalist, and in this case Matt Taibbi would be that true journalist, breaking a story or sharing information that the public has a right to know, I am always going to side with the journalist, the free press, and the public’s right to know,” Mr. Sean Gaston, teacher at Fleetwood Area High School, said.

The first-ever Twitter file was released on December 2, 2022: a conversation through emails about censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election.

“The banal truth is that, if other newsrooms are anything like our own, they read each as a matter of diligence, and simply found nothing new or interesting to report,” Devin Coldewey said in reference to the Twitter files.

Devin Coldewey is responding to the narrative that news sources aren’t covering the matter due to it making their preferred political party look bad. Coldeway made a statement that he and his team were all very surprised that the information in the Twitter files was blowing up and shocking the public, due to it being old news that was pretty boring and already reported on.

The Twitter files are currently ongoing, with new information being released almost every month.

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