Schools Become Battlegrounds for State Gender Politics

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Many teenagers do not express to their parents that they would like to change their gender or pronouns. They do not think their parents would approve and do not want to risk disappointing them.

In many religious communities, various forms of gender and sexual expression are frowned upon. This can be a major factor in a child’s decision to share their feelings with their parents.

According to, LGBTQ+ youths would benefit from child welfare assistance because their home lives are not safe, stable, and nurturing, but they are often underrepresented in welfare for fear of being mistreated or abused within the system.

Gender identity and sexual orientation in children has been at the forefront of the media recently. The topic is discussed frequently in state congresses. The most notable is the “Parental Rights in Education Bill” passed in Florida. This bill includes legislature making it illegal for teaching staff to discuss gender.

Not all states have adopted similar policies. Some states have policies that contradict this bill.

According to the “New York Times,” there was an incident where a teenager changed his gender, did not tell his parents but did tell the school, which legally had to keep it a secret if the student asked for it to be kept a secret, so he was allowed to use the boys’ bathrooms and go by he/him pronouns.

Children’s and parents’ interests being met are the main goal for state legislation; however, contradicting views on how to best advocate for these people have led to many arguments and discussions.

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