News Magazine Makes Strides

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Students and teachers have been working in collaboration on the inaugural edition of the Paw Print. The newly founded class, News Magazine, has established something the school has not offered in the recent past, a magazine that will have district-wide coverage. 

This elective started only in the second semester of this year, making it brand new. 

“I hope that it serves as something that kind of opens students’ eyes district-wide. We can cover stuff all across the district since most other programs focus specifically on the high school. It helps to step outside of the bubble we all kind of live in,” Co-Advisor Kirby Barnett said.

To take this class, the only prerequisite is being in 10th-12th grade and passing English. While not required, being creative and having a good attitude are certainly benefits. 

One of the most exciting things about this publication comes from its roots.

“As a K-12 publication, we are covering Kindergarten at the two elementary schools all the way through high school material,” Co-Advisor Sara Sanocki said. “Leads are important in finding the best information for the magazine.”

As production starts to become more streamlined, the digital edition should see more work as time goes on. Having both a print and digital edition would be quite beneficial to the success of the publication. 

“I enjoy learning a different form of journalism because that means it’s completely different from yearbook,” FAHS entertainment editor and secretary Delani Walker said.

The class itself offers the opportunity to explore new things.

“I enjoy the information, learning and finding things out, since I did not know much of this stuff before I started. It helped me out a lot. I also feel more involved, as it’s a school program,” news editor Jaylynn Hottenstein said.

Be on the lookout for the inaugural edition, expected to release before finals week.

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