“Field of Screams” Celebrates 18th Season

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Halloween is quickly approaching, and everyone knows there’s nothing better than a good scare. The kind of thrill that anyone of any age or clique can enjoy is found at Field of Screams, which is celebrating its 18th season this year.

In 2008, Field of Screams hosted a record for 70,000 guests in a single season. It has since undergone vast changes and improvements every season, with a crew preparing all year to scare fans even more. The ideas come from a team of six people working year-round, including Jim Schopf, the owner, and his brother.

The Haunted Hayride began in 1993 and is a 20-minute tour on a custom-built, tractor pulled, hay wagon with top-notch surround sound systems. Through the swaying corn, the wagon is pulled through numerous atrocities and pyrotechnics. In the corn, one will be surprised by butchers, hillbillies, clowns, and even the living dead.

The Den of Darkness was added in 1995. Built in an original three-story barn, it consists of pitched hallways, tapered passages, and a seemingly endless amount of ghastly residents. The sights of torture chambers, a Hunter’s Trophy room, and the City Morgue will be evident during a patron’s visit.

Last, but not least, is the Frightmare Asylum. Having re-opened its doors in 2002, it is home to dungeons containing prisoners, patients, and beasts that dwell in every dark corner. During the visit, one will be subject to the resident dentist, Dr. Stitch, Freako the Clown, and the previously restricted area, the Autopsy Room.
More tenants are awaiting around every corner with chain saws and daggers.

But fear isn’t the only theme: Field of Screams offers a selection of live music and plenty of concession stands. Schopf was inspired by his love to scare. “It went from a fun hobby with my brother, to this.” When asked how the 18 years have gone by, Schopf answered, “Quick!”

Field of Screams kicked the 2010 season off on Friday, September 17th, with a Battle of the Bands on Saturday 18th. During every weekend between now and November 6th, Field of Screams will be welcoming hundreds, possibly thousands, in a single night with plenty to see and do. Check out fieldofscreams.com for special events and more information.

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