Ahearn Accepts Presidency

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Cale Ahearn, the newest president in the journalism club, originally moved to Fleetwood in second grade. In his third year with the paper, he wants to get more papers out than ever before. Cale also hopes to make this year’s paper more appealing to the population of Fleetwood High School. Cale had the following to say about his presidency: “It’s an honor, something I hope will benefit my future in the print media world.” This is not Cale’s first year as the leader of the journalism class.

Last year, Cale was the Editor for every edition of the newspaper. Since Cale wants to be a professional journalist in the future, it is only fitting that his favorite subject is English. Cale has said that he is prepared to write “anything that will positively affect the paper.” Whatever type of article you throw at Cale, he will be able to turn it into a written masterpiece.

In his spare time, Cale likes to listen to music and hang out with his girlfriend, Haley Barnshaw. He likes any and all types of music, except country. His all-time favorite artist is Lil’ Wayne. Blasting from the speakers of his 1995 Buick Regal, you will most likely hear his favorite song, “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne.

After high school, Cale wishes to attend Shippensburg to major in journalism. Upon completion of college, he would like to work for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he aspires to be the beat writer for the Philadelphia Phillies, his favorite sports team. He has always been a Phillies fan, which is why the 2008 World Series is his fondest memory. He is also very optimistic about the Phillies’ chances of winning the World Series this year because “they have a deep rotation and the hitting is really timely.”

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