FHS Faculty, Students Make Holocaust Documentary

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Tv media students are helping Mr Gaston and Mrs. Goss in producing a holocaust documentary through the stories of Frank Grunwald, a holocaust survivor, whom Mr. Gaston met at a Holocaust convention over the summer.

Since there are many hours of footage, and since Mr. Gaston and Mrs. Goss are partnered only by James Hollenbaugh (a cinematographer who has worked with Mr. Gaston before) as well as Mrs. Goss’s husband, students will play a crucial role in helping to create the film.

Over the Labor Day Weekend, the team went to Indianapolis to film the documentary. Along with TV/media students, Mrs. Goss’s and Mrs. Shelton’s students are also invited to work on the project. In addition, a musical score is going to be written by Fleetwood’s music department specifically for the film.

The TV/media students have begun by helping with transcription, which involves copying every spoken word from the recorded interviews into a word processor such as Microsoft Word. This allows the filmmakers to edit the script much more quickly. Students who have helped editing will have their names mentioned in the credits of the film, which should be released in the spring.

Upon completion of this movie, Mr. Gaston hopes for a screening to be held here in the high school to which Grunwald would be invited to attend. That students are getting involved in this film is a unique opportunity that is certainly once-in-a-lifetime.

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