Police Report: Samurai Sword, Video Game Cause Havoc

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Fiasco at Arby’s
It was a typical night at a local fast food restaurant in Kileen, Texas, when a man entered a local Arby’s with plans for robbery. Instead of waving a gun or knife in hopes of scaring the customers and workers, the man was holding a samurai sword, demanding cash. He also “poked” someone with his rather large weapon, but luckily the person did not sustain any serious injuries. No one is quite sure how much cash this man took, but he is allegedly still on the loose and has been since August 30th, 2010. If you happen to see anyone carrying a samurai sword through Texas, please do not hesitate to call the authorities.

“I blame technology!”
A man by the name of Craig Smallwood recently filed a lawsuit against the producers behind the video game “Lineage 2” because they failed to alert him that this game would become so addicting he would be unable to fully function in the “real world.” To Smallwood, functioning in the “real world” includes the following: getting up, getting dressed, bathing, and communicating with family and friends. Smallwood claims he has spent 20,000 hours playing this video game over the span of five years. Judge Alan Kay, who presided over this case, denied the makers of the game who wanted to dismiss the lawsuit, and actually moved it to trial.

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