Fleetwood Rapper Finds His Voice

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When a person thinks of Fleetwood music, what often comes to mind is the award-winning band or chorus. However, as recently as last year, a new artist has stepped on the scene. Fred “BeEezy” Evans began his rap career last year, releasing a number of singles, and he is currently working on a mix tape.

Citing that music has gotten him through some of the toughest times in his life, BeEezy had always dreamed of making music and getting signed to a record deal. This dream was realized last year after his friend Jesse “Lo” Stauffer pushed him to pursue his dream. It began with a couple of rap battles at parties, where BeEezy easily defeated rappers that had already been signed to labels. Soon after, he was signed to a deal with Emanant Records, and his career began.

“Honestly, all dreams start with passion,” says BeEezy. “All it takes is some dedication and a lot of heart to realize your dreams. I just honestly stopped caring what people thought about me, and that gave me the confidence in myself to make it happen.”

As of now, BeEezy is #2 on ReverbNation.com, a website for underground artists. “The feedback from fans is mostly positive,” says BeEezy, citing that it surprises him how many people are saying his name when they walk through the doors of the Crocodile Rock in Allentown. As for his critics, BeEezy says, “They continue to hate me. It just fuels my music.”

However, BeEezy is also his biggest critic. “Honestly, I hate my music,” admits BeEezy. “I’ve never thought it was good, and most of the songs I have posted have had bad sound quality because I was without a studio to work in. Yet, the fans and chart positions tell me different.”

This is just the beginning for this artist. BeEezy plans on finishing his debut album with Emanant Records and being able to live his life comfortably while doing something he loves.

“My dreams are happening right in front of me,” exclaims BeEezy. “I’m doing shows on a good record label, and my life is looking up right now. I never expected any of this, but I’m enjoying every second of it.”

BeEezy has regular shows at different spots around Berks County, including an October 22nd date at the Silo in Reading. Come out and support Fleetwood’s newest hip hop artist!

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