Girls’ Tennis Starts Season Right

Posted on September 23, 2010 by


After a merely adequate season last year, the Fleetwood Tigers Girls’ tennis team is looking to improve this season.

They have many great players, particularly Samantha Sanders, who has a lot to prove this year. The team also has a group of experienced seniors, such as Meghana Patil, Alyssa Sell, and Elyse Elliker. So far, the team’s record is 7-2, and they are first in their division.

In addition to being successful on the court, they still find ways to have lots of fun when not participating in a match. They all enjoy tennis van rides to away games and listening to their iPods as they pump themselves up before games. Their favorite school to play is Wyomissing because they are really good, and that poses a distinct challenge for the Tigers’ players.

After matches, the players go out to eat as a form of team bonding. This tradition will be continued by underclassmen, who make up a large part of the team. With this current group and the young underclassmen that are gaining experience, the future looks bright for the tennis team and its coaches, Brian Miller and Matthew Biniek.

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