Photography Prominent at FAHS

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Photography is like any other elective. Students get graded on it, there maybe homework, and another project is always around the corner. Even though it is an elective, there is work that needs to be done in order to pass. This is one course that is not about worksheets. 

One project that is extremely fun and involves barely any writing involves what is called a “pinhole camera.” Anybody can make his or her own pinhole camera and take a picture of whatever he or she wants. All a person has to do is take a can, paint the inside black until it is dark. But to reveal any more would be to ruin the fun of the course.

Photography isn’t just about finding a camera and taking random pictures. It’s a form of art. There may not be any drawing involved, but the final product is made up of everything that an artist would paint, color, or draw?  The observer has the chance to see what the artist must have been thinking while looking through the viewfinder.

Photography opens up a lot of new activities in the school. If a student finds photography to be fun, he or she can always take photo studio. One of the photography teachers, Mrs. Shelton, advises the yearbook club , which involves photography in a very crucial way. In addition, the school newspaper requires students to develop photography skills to record current events.

There is so much more a person can learn about photography. Anybody can pass the elective; they just have to try. Photography is a great form of art. and so many people have been recognized for their artistic accomplishments because of it. People look up to these artists no less than painters or sculptors.

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