Dear Dymdog: Friendships Cause Tension in Fleetwood

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Dear Dymdog,
I have a new girlfriend, and I really like her, but she thinks I’m spending too much time with my friends and not enough time with her. I started spending a lot more time with her than my friends, and now she’s mad at me. What should I do?
~Friendless in Fleetwood

Dear Friendless in Fleetwood,
It will be hard to satisfy both parties in this situation, but you should try to remember your friends and how they have always been there for you. Try explaining the situation to your girlfriend, and if you can’t come to an agreement, then you two should reevaluate the future of your relationship.

Dear Dymdog,
Two of my good friends are fighting with each other over something pointless. I’m having a party this weekend, and I invited both of them, but I don’t want to risk them getting into a fight and ruining it. Both of them don’t want the other to be there, but I don’t want to be rude and tell one that she can’t come. What do you think I should do?
~Brawling Buddies in Blandon

Dear Brawling Buddies in Blandon,
You are caught in the middle of a bad situation, and as much as you like spending time with both, it would be best to try to keep them separated until their anger for each other cools off. Maybe in time they will learn to forgive and forget their differences, and everyone will be happy again. Unless you will actively play the role of mediator between these two friends at your party, it is probably too soon to thrust them back together.


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