Pancake Breakfast a Sweet Success

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The FAHS sophomore class held a pancake breakfast on October 23rd.

There was a great turnout on that Saturday morning from 8 to 11 o’clock. All of the food at the breakfast was donated by local companies and residents of Blandon and Fleetwood, and the sophomore class would like to express their gratitude to them.

Countless batches of pancakes were prepared and eaten along with numerous sausages. An assortment of toppings were available, such as whipped cream, chocolate chips, and a variety of fruit jellies. Tickets were $6.00 each, earning a profit of approximately $ 1,100. The money will go towards making future prom tickets more affordable for sophomores.

Volunteers at the breakfast included class advisers Mrs. Heffner and Ms. Neimen, and sophomores Danielle Shultz, Austin Stern, Carol Zheng, Josh Watkins, Kristina Scatamacchia, Melina DuGuay, Hanna Perone, Sara Buck, and Justin Bruno. Their help was clearly appreciated by the customers and the school.

Sophomore Leah Schaeffer, who went to the pancake breakfast, commented, “I thought it went quite well. There were a lot of people helping, and the food was yummy!”

Along with the pancake breakfast, there was a Chinese Auction. Raffle tickets were sold, and patrons put the tickets in the box for the gift they wanted to win. The lucky winners were picked at the end of the breakfast. The prizes were all donated from local citizens and businesses, such as Dragon 21 and Massimo’s.

The pancake breakfast was not only about raising money for the school but also about creating a day for family time. The turnout included many families who were there to enjoy a family breakfast together. The sophomore class pancake breakfast was a big hit, and the sophomore class is looking forward to another successful fundraising event next year.

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