Paranormal Club Flourishes Over Time

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Some students may not know this, but at FAHS there is a club where learning about ghosts and paranormal activity is a self-selected research project. This club involves field trips and researching the past. The club’s adviser is one of FAHS’s teachers, Mrs. Follweiler.

Says Follweiler, “I always liked ghosts and monsters.”

Follweiler thinks that the scariest place in Pennsylvania is the Eastern State Penitentiary.

The paranormal club researches allegedly haunted locations. They look back on the history of both the area and the location. They also look at the location’s past owners. Students are only able to research and visit locations that the school deems appropriate. Members use equipment when they are doing investigations. The equipment consists of EMF, EVP recorders, cameras, and ghost boxes. A ghost box goes through the sounds of the area and finds sounds or voices that belong to a ghost. Before the students are able to go out and investigate, they have to study and understand the equipment.

The club investigates locations on Friday or Saturday nights. The session begins around 7:00 p.m. and ends between 12:00 and 1:00 a.m. In the past, many students have found occasion to scream because of the situations in which their investigations have placed them. The club typically endeavors upon one field trip a month for the duration of the school year, and the investigations usually start in the month of November and end in the month of April. The average number of investigations is approximately eight per school year.

The club used to contain fifteen students, but now there are around thirty in the club. Students who want to sign up for the club must wait until next year to be eligible. There are also requirements students have to meet before Follweiler is able to allow admittance. The club’s president is Brittany Sanocki, and the vice president is Kate Zuber. Brittany Sanocki has been in the club for three years.

“I hope we get more evidence than last year and have an awesome time,” Zuber states.

Brian Erb, who has also been in the club for his second year now, agrees: “I want to have a lot of fun and get some good evidence.”

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