Faculty Temperature Fears Prove Unfounded

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Rumors from the teachers and staff allege that, depending on the period and the class size, the temperature may be noticeably different from room to room.

Mr. Golinsky, school facilities manager, stated, “We are standardizing the set points in classrooms and offices for heating and cooling throughout the district as follows: heating between 68 degrees and 70 degrees; cooling between 74 degrees and 75 degrees. We also asked staff and students to dress appropriately for the season. This really isn’t much of a change from what we did in the past. We are just asking for understanding and cooperation of staff and students to try and meet our savings goals.”

There have been many reasons why the temperature seems to be so drastic between the different classrooms.

Golinsky explained, “The temperature will slightly fluctuate during the course of a day due to many circumstances, such as sudden changes in outside weather (temperature or high winds), differences in student population, classroom doors left open, and actual class size from period to period (the system either has to catch up or reset due to loads). There shouldn’t be drastic changes, but sometimes the system needs adjustment or repairs.”

Golinsky continued, “We hope to save money from the budget that normally would go for utilities and redistribute it to the educational side of our cause to help offset ever-rising costs. Also, we are trying to head off some of the increases that are coming, particularly in the electrical industry when the rate caps come off starting in the new year.”

But many think that bumping down the temperature a few degrees will not keep a great deal of money in the school coffers and that it is worthless to reduce the temperatures as a cost-saving procedure.

Upon investigation, the classrooms of Mrs. Follweiler, Mr. Kochanasz, Mr. Rudy, Mrs. Rozzi, Mrs.Williamson, Mr. Houp, and the main office all had a range of around 76-78 degrees, so it follows that all rooms are relatively the same temperature.

The best solution for the temperature problem is to always be prepared for any interior weather pattern. It is already halfway through fall, so it’s time to substitute the shorts and flip-flops for sweats, jeans, and Uggs anyway.

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