Fleetwood Singing Its Way to the Top

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Congratulations are in order for the students at FAHS who were selected for senior county and district chorus.

Students selected for senior county chorus must perform a song in front of a panel of judges. Eventually, the selection process is narrowed down to the top 200 students.

Fleetwood’s very own Emily Metcalf, Dorie Wolford, Marissa Bubbenmoyer, Brittany Sanocki, Beth Rothenberger, Erin Phillips, Carly Hawkins, Jordan Shomper, Aaron Nelson, Zach Mourar, Ryan Schlegal, Josh Reinert, and Isaac Moore are the lucky individuals selected for this amazing opportunity.

Those selected for district chorus must face an even more intense audition. Instead of just Berks county students, there will be seven counties in total competing. A song must still be performed in front of the judges, but, in addition, the students will have to sing a piece of music they have never seen before. This process is called sight singing. In order to succeed, the students must be good singers as well as good musicians.

Dorie Wolford, Beth Rothenberger, Erin Phillips, Aaron Nelson, and Jordan Shomper were selected to compete.

Auditions were held in October at Conrad Weiser High School.  The day-long Senior County Chorus rehearsal will take place at Conrad Weiser High School on February 2nd, and the concert will be held on Saturday, February 5th.  The District Chorus festival will be held at Easton Area High School from the 13th to the 15th of January.

Best of luck to all participants both in senior county and district chorus.  Fleetwood is rooting for you!

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