FAMS Earth Day Poetry Winners Announced

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Earlier in the year, the Fleetwood Area Middle School hosted an Earth Day Poetry Contest. Students who wished to participate had to submit a poem regarding Earth Day. Four of the best poems were chosen depending on how well they were written. Mrs. Pors, the 5th-8th grade gifted teacher, was the judge of the winning poems.

“Poems were selected on the basis of originality, rhythm, word choice, flow, and impact,” said Ms.  Vanessa Moore, middle school librarian.

The poems could be in any form, but they had to be inspired by nature, concerned with caring for the environment, or related to Earth Day. Once all of the poems had been submitted, four winning poems were chosen.

Hannah Geesey in 5th grade was the first-place winner. Serena Danweber in 6th grade, Katrina Fullington in 8th grade, and Kalista Walters in 8th grade were all second-place winners. Geesey won a $10.00 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, and the three second place winners received $5.00 gift certificates.

“I read ‘Summer’s Nature’ by Hannah Geesey. I enjoy her imagination and the beautiful flow her poetry has. I would enjoy being right there inside this poem. It’d be great if Hannah continues her great talent,” said FAHS sophomore Sarah Kilgore.

Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson, an English teacher at FAHS, also read Hannah Geesey’s poem and commented, “I think it’s nice and refreshing. It is impressive writing for a middle school student. I enjoy the summer imagery.”

Each student will hopefully continue to develop their interests in poetry. These girls were able to create wonderful poems about the theme of this year’s Earth Day.

You can read these four poems below and enjoy the beautiful images that these poems evoke.

Nature’s Wonders
Winter melts to spring, summer melts to fall
Leaving four seasons even though I love them all
Life’s true meaning can be seen just with a rising sun
Or to wake up when snow falls and the kids out for fun

When God decides to send strong winds blowing through,
Because nature isn’t always nice–it can be sad too!
Like when you feel a hurricane is blowing the pieces of your life away.
Leaving you with nothing to say.

Or when you feel every raindrop is a tear from your heart
And you go to the creek just to feel apart.
Something about nature soothes the human mind
Because nature can do anything it seems to slow down time.
But it can’t be bad forever, good weather will find its way
To wake up with the rising sun and see a brand new day.

By Kalista Walters

Summer’s Nature
Running and screaming of joy.
It’s evening.
Cool, wet, stringy grass tickling our toes.
The birds sing.
The willow swaying back and forth.
The children giggling.
The dog, with its tongue out and dripping with slobber, is chasing the tennis ball we threw.
A few cars pass silently.
Then the sun drops and the moon rises.
Now all is silent. No cars or voices. No chirps from birds.
Just a steady breeze–swish! Going through my ears.
It’s nature. We enjoy it!

By Hannah Geesey

The Earth Cries Out
The Earth is home
To millions of creatures.
It gives what you need,
Through all of its features.

The majestic ocean,
That quench our thirst.
The lush green plants,
That were here first.

Yet day by day
We do as we please,
Throwing plastic out windows
Chopping down trees.

The Earth cries out
Washed in rain’s tears
Yet we turn our heads
Until it all disappears.

By Katrina Fullington

Emotions on a Page
Weeping willows sing with me
To bring us all a little piece
Butterflies will dance around
And nature will be safe and sound
While everything is in motion
I’ll show you my devotion
To nature with emotion

Birds sing and praise
About all who see the day
When you hear the call
It seems it stops time
And tinkles like a wind chime
Happy is the word that floats into my mind
When I hear a bird sing its rhyme

Flowers seem to say
That every single day
Is filled with color and delight
All is glowing bright
Love is a clever word
That flutters like a bird

Today is tomorrow
Tomorrow is today
I could never fit my emotions
For nature on just one page
My voice can only tell you
What I want to say
For the nature we have today

By Serena Danweber

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