Canada Offers Alternative Vacation Destinations

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Looking for a good vacation spot this summer?

Instead of going on a typical trip to the beach or amusement park, why not travel to another country, such as Canada. It is a beautiful place and, if visited in autumn, has warm, sunny days and cool evenings. There are dozens of forests filled with wildlife such as moose, elk, porcupines, raccoons, and even wolves.  There are also plenty of lakes and rivers if you have plans to fish.

If nature isn’t really your thing, cities such Kingston and Quebec have many malls to explore and restaurants with delicious food. There are quite a few unique stores in Canada, and some aren’t present in the United States. A store called The Garage is in the U.S, but only in a select few states, and I’ve yet to find a Dragon Moon anywhere but Canada. That is a store definitely worth visiting.

Niagara Falls is a popular tourist attraction  as well.  It is a little farther north than Kingston, but the drive is worth it. All that is needed to travel to Canada is a passport and a birth certificate. A passport can be purchased at many local places and is rather inexpensive.

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