Student Council Starts off with a Success

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The Fleetwood Area High School student council expects a very exciting and fun year at school because there will be many enjoyable events and activities.

“I feel we will have a very good year.  We have a lot of dedicated members who offer their time to make events the best they can possibly be!” sophomore student council member Kae Haung said.

“I think that the student council is doing a great job this year, and they are getting a lot accomplished. This makes me very excited for Prom 2013. I want to have a great time with all of my friends,” junior Josh Ravel said.

This year’s prom will be held at the Inn at Reading.

The student body is very grateful for the student council and all that they do for the school. They have been putting many events together for the students.

“I think the most fun event this year will be Holiday Ball. Students from all grades and schools can come out with friends to have a good time before the holiday!” Haung said.

Fleetwood’s homecoming 2012 was very successful. Seniors Maureen McGarry and Sam Cabrera won King and Queen.

Mark McGarry, Steve Hilborn, Dante Brown, and Zach Noll were also on the homecoming court for the boys. The girls’ side of the homecoming court also included Sara Buck, Carly Hawkins, Hannah Stump, and Hanna Perone.

The Tigers also won the football game 27-7 against Northern Lebanon.

“I think that homecoming was very successful, and this is a sign for more very good things to come from student council,” senior Dan Hawkins said.

It seems that, early in the year, the student council has been very successful and plans on keeping this success going all throughout the school year. Upperclassmen only hope the underclassmen can carry it on to future years.

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