FAHS Band Maintains Good Reputation

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Throughout Fleetwood history, one of the most talented and dedicated groups has been the high school band.  Conducted by music teacher Charles Ebersole, the band attends all home football games, most local parades, and hosts a few concerts over the school year.

Each year, Fleetwood Area Music Association (FAMA) travels somewhere to show off its musical gifts and to compete against other schools. With all the success they have had, Fleetwood’s band has made a very good reputation for itself.

The fall season brings a lot of fun and excitement to the band and many people in the community. During the football season, spectators can see the band in the bleachers at each and every home football game.

The ensemble kicks the game off with the playing of Fleetwood’s alma mater followed by the National Anthem. During the game, Ebersole has the band play “stand tunes” to try to pump up the football team. Every time the team scores, the band will begin to play “Eye of the Tiger” as its informal theme song.

The biggest attraction for the band is its field show. The themes in previous years have been rather patriotic, but this year’s theme is BeatleMania. The show features songs from the legendary British rock band, The Beatles. As spectators watch, they go back to the 60s and listen to songs such as “Lady Madonna,” “Blackbird/Yesterday,” “Elenor Rigby,” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

In addition to football games, the marching band attends many parades. The biggest one this year is Hamburg’s King Frost parade. For people who do not enjoy driving far, Fleetwood hosts many parades. There will be an upcoming Christmas and Memorial Day parade. People can listen for the song “Trumbone King” and a fragment of “Lady Madonna.”

FAHS hosts three different concerts. The winter concert features songs about Christmas and other winter festivities. The Pasta and Presto concert, played in the high school gym, will have a spaghetti dinner followed by various songs that will most likely be played in the spring concert. It is a preview of the concert in the spring. The final concert takes place in the spring and is the most popular concert. Each musical group plays about five songs to show off their hard work.

Fleetwood’s band is a hardworking, talented musical group. To be a part of the band means musicians must sacrifice a lot of extra time either practicing or having rehearsals.

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