Business and Pleasure Abounds for FBLA

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Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, is a non-profit organization that benefits the youth of today. All high school students have the opportunity to sign up and participate in FBLA.

FBLA does a lot of things to educate students on the world of business and how important occupations in marketing and management are. If students are interested in business or even just want to learn about how businesses work, Future Business Leaders of America is definitely a great program with which they should look to be involved.

Luckily, there is an FBLA program at Fleetwood. Fleetwood’s FBLA program is headed by business teacher Kelly Ackerman. The program does a lot of different things to ensure students get what they can out of this program. FBLA has meetings every now and again Ackerman’s room–Room #1–where participants discuss upcoming events and field trips.

Future Business Leaders of America offers many different field trip opportunities and seminars. Some of these include going to various businesses to be taught how the business runs and what makes it tick. Last year, students in FBLA went to Shady Maple to tour their business and have lunch there.

The students at Fleetwood also love this program. Many of them insist on others joining.

Member claim the club  is a lot of fun, particularly those events requiring formal dress.  FBLA also provides community service hours, which look great on a college application.

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