New Laws Hope to Engender Safer Driving

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In early November, several states enacted laws banning teen drivers from using cell phones behind the wheel. The law will ban any use of cell phones, including texting and calling, by teens who are driving.

In some states, a $150 fine will be issued to those caught in the act of texting while driving.  Currently, 39 states enforce some type of texting and driving law for all drivers. The penalties for those who break these laws vary from state to state, with some issuing fines and others issuing tickets.

Despite these laws currently in place, teens are ignoring these laws. According to a study done several years ago, almost 50% of teen drivers admit to using a cell phone while behind the wheel.

This statistic made many people nervous as pressure increased on Congress to pass new laws banning this act.
Enforcing these laws is not easy. Different members of law enforcement have stated the difficulties in catching those who text while driving. The act of using an electronic device is usually discreet, so it is not easy catching those who break this law.

In Pennsylvania, the current law banning cell phone use while driving came into effect in March 2012. The fine for being caught is $50, but this does not apply to the whole state. Several areas handle the amount differently.

Texting while driving amongst teens is a serious issue. Each year thousands of teen drivers are seriously injured or killed while using a cell phone in the car.

Many hope these new laws help will lower those numbers.

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