Fleetwood Work Force an Eclectic Bunch

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Does the average Fleetwood student have a job?

Many students around the high school do indeed. Some chose jobs in Fleetwood, while others chose jobs in the surrounding areas.

Fleetwood students have many different types of jobs. Some students work on farms interacting with animals, some work at restaurants working with customers and food, and some work for companies that are helping people.

Senior Ryan Bubbenmoyer works at Deka in Lyons, PA.

“I chose to apply at Deka because they were willing to do a co-op program with the school,” Bubbenmoyer said.

Leah Schaffer, a senior at Fleetwood, works at Fiore’s Italian restaurant in Fleetwood.

 “I applied because it is close,” Schaffer said.  “My favorite part about my job is that they treat you like family.  …And ‘dat’ cash flow.”

Student Rachel Knarr also works in food service at Burger King in Leesport, PA.

“I decided to apply at Burger King because I was bored from my other job,” Knarr said .

Another area of jobs that many students work is agricultural jobs, such as working on farms. Kelsey Steiner, a junior at Fleetwood, works at Vista Grandes Farms.

“I’m a milker,” Steiner said .

Student David Kutz also works on a farm–his uncle’s farm.

“I work there because I need the money,” Kutz said.

Another interesting field of work is an area of helping people. Many students in the Fleetwood area volunteer as firefighters.  Sophomore Victoria Deitriech works at the Kutztown Fire Department.

“I took this job because it gave me a job and gave me money,” Dietriech said.

Looking at the student body in Fleetwood, there are many types of jobs in which students participate:  anything from working with animals to working with people.  The main reason for having a job, though, is still so they have money. Nevertheless, sme students do love their jobs because of the connection they have with their coworkers.

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