FAHS Students Sound Off on Tractors

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Fleetwood is surrounded by farms and farmers, and many students at Fleetwood have an opinon on which farm equipment is best. 
“International!  I prefer a white tractor,” student Ryan Bubbenmoyer said

An International tractor is a white tractor with red lettering.  On the other hand, quite a few students prefer a John Deere tractor. A John Deere tractor is green and yellow. People who are not farmers, or who have not worked on a farm, still know the tractor company John Deere.

“I would choose a John Deere tractor because I was raised around them and that is all my uncle has,” student Ryan Kline said.

Yes, there is a difference between color and brand name, but there is also a difference in size, make, and model.

One of the biggest John Deere tractors is the 9630 articulated, or tracked tractor, with a 13.5 liter John Deere diesel engine.  The largest International tractor being produced is the Steiger 535, at 535 horsepower, 589 peak hp with a 15-liter engine.

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