Seniors Afraid of Postponed Graduation

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With the year slowly winding down, many seniors anxiously await acceptance letters or begin prospective jobs, but there is something brooding over the head of every senior.

The possibility of graduation being postponed is a real threat. With the school snow days dwindling down and Easter just around the corner, many students are worried whether or not the seniors will truly be able to graduate on time.

“It would really be depressing,” senior Wyatt Angstadt said. “I just want to get out of this school and start living my life.”

“I would be upset,” senior Anthony Parzanese said. “That’s not only unfair to seniors, but unfair to the whole school.”

Some students, on the other, hand do not really mind.

“It wouldn’t be that big of a deal,” senior Joseph Roman said. “I’m still graduating, so what’s a few extra days?”

The administration had nothing to say when asked them about predicament.  It seems as though officials believe Fleetwood’s graduation will go off without a hitch.

Students may be in luck: the temperature is rising, and the threat of postponement is creeping away.

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