Art Event 2013: I Art, Therefore I am

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On Saturday, 2 March, the Fleetwood Area High School held its annual Art Event for five hours, opening for the public at noon. Five hours, however, was not even close to the full amount of effort high school students and art teachers put in to prepare for it.

A main feature of the Art Event was the student-run creation stations. There were many stands, anywhere from face painting to hair weaving to bags and stamps and water marble nails, plus so much more.

“I worked at the Tie-Dye station with Ryan Schlegel and Sarah Pierpoint,” senior Rachael Knarr said. “The Art Event was cool with positive feelings and good vibes.  It was all good, everything about the art event.  No changes, man.”

Besides the creative creation stations, the students also were able to let their talents shine on stage. Most of the music played throughout the day was played live by various students here at the high school.

“My favorite part was the music, duh! What’s an Art Event without music?!… And art!” Knarr said. “Yes, I’m going to the Art Event next year. I gotta visit!”

The layout out and flow of traffic was something else many seemed to enjoy.

“It was so comfortable and welcoming, I wish we could stay one more year and keep everything about the creation stations the same!… I will definitely be coming back!” senior Joseph Roman said.

Besides the creation stations that were paid for with tickets, many came out to sell handmade products. There were various vendors, many that made different types of jewelry.

Face painting happened to be one of the most popular stations at the Art Event. Desiare Lesher was one of the lead face painters.

“I worked with a bunch of people, including Rachael Stump. We had a blast.  The kids seemed really excited.  Many wanted to look like their favorite superheroes, such as Batman and Spider-Man. All of us also had our faces painted,” Lesher said. “It was so rewarding to be a part of it, and I wish I could be a part of it next year, but, because I can’t, I hope that I can at least visit next year.”

Fleetwood’s very own art teacher, Elaine Hilbert, had her own jewelry stand that was down to earth and made with natural products such as coconut.

With all the hard work the students, vendors, and shoppers did, many needed a pick me up, which was not far out of reach. The concession stand consisted of a variety of items for lunch, including burgers, hot dogs, and beverages as well as snacks such as baked goods and, of course, a complimentary Rita’s Ice stand.

Besides the Art Event t-shirts the students working wore, a way to set them apart from the crowd was their intermittent ‘flash mob.’  The DJ would play “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce, and all the students would dance. Every time art students heard her name, they would clap their hands above their heads and spin around, then continue to dance. Many spectators were confused but in awe over the randomness of the dancing. It was a sight for all, full of laughs and smiles.

All and all, the Art Event had a ton to offer for people of all ages, even if many of the stations were geared toward kids. The only sad faces were those of the children being told that it was time to go home.

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