Math Utility a Statewide Problem

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Fleetwood Area High School’s math department includes Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, all of which are required courses by the state. Teachers must meet certain standards in a school year. Many students want the answer to one question that has been asked for years: When are we ever going to use this after high school?

The answer is, you most likely won’t. Most parents who help with math homework have no idea how to do any of it, and they have been just fine. The response from most teachers, however,  is that students need it to pass high school. This is true, but why are we not learning about percentages, credit, financing, how to pay bills, how to pay taxes, mortgages, and other common everyday tasks that need to be completed as an adult dealing with math?

The consensus among math teachers is that they all try to incorporate real world application problems where appropriate within our lessons.

Two courses students must take are Economics and Family living as a senior.

“We Learn about how to write checks, types of housing, mortgages, credit, homeowner’s insurance, values, bills, readiness, and other topics as well,” FCS teacher Nancy Castiglioni said.

These topics could be covered in math courses instead of other math concepts, which most students forget after taking the test. However, there is little the teachers can do about what they are required to teach based on state regulations.

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