Houp to Bless World with Second Offspring

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Whether you say “expecting” or “bun in the oven,” it all comes down to the same thing, and Mrs. Jennifer Houp is no exception.

This will be Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Houp’s second child.  Their first was Mia, born on 18 October 2011. Though both of parents would have been happy with a second daughter, they are equally happy to be expecting their first son. He is expected to arrive on October 21st of this year.

Because the Houps aren’t keeping the gender a secret, they decided to hold to their tradition and keep the name of the baby a secret until birth, just like they did with Mia. They also waited until the end of Mrs. Houp’s first trimester to tell friends and family the wonderful news. Although they haven’t had much time to start working on the baby’s nursery, they have a plan of attack for the summer.

“We plan to go to Ikea on 8 June for Swedish meatballs and Lingonberry preserves, perhaps with a side of delicious cured lax and Mjokchoklad for dessert,” Houp said.  “And, if there is still time, we will purchase some baby supplies.”

With all the stuff that yet to be done, they will also be getting help from the whole family including, big sister, Mia.

“I think our daughter will absolutely love having a sibling,” Mrs. Houp said.  “She’s very interested in taking care of her baby dolls, and I think she’ll make a wonderful big sister.”

“Daddy go night-night?” Mia added.

Grandparents without a doubt will be helping with whatever needs may remain. 

“They are very excited. My mom, for example, wants as many grandkids as possible,” Houp said.  “As long as Olivia at least graduates high school first…”

“Being a mom has been the most amazing blessing I’ve ever received in life, and I’m excited to have another child to love and care for,” Mrs. Houp said.

Contrary to some expectant mothers’ situations, Mr. Houp explains that Mrs. Houp is not going through many of the typical negative turns most pregnant women must deal suffer.

“She was tired in the beginning but is back to normal now, except for some discomfort,” he explains, “I did everything I knew to help her when she was having discomfort, but I feel like I’m about to break her foot off when she tells me to push harder during a foot massage.”

Houp must have known what he was doing because Mrs. Houp had some words of praise for her husband.

“Mr. Houp has been wonderful! He’s a great dad, and I’m excited to see him with our newest little one when the time comes,” Mrs. Houp said.  “I really hope he teaches the little tyke how to scrimshaw!”

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