Warped Tour Enters Eighteenth Year

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For seventeen years, the Vans Warped Tour has thrilled audiences around the country every summer. Bringing out plenty of musical acts each year that cover a wide variety of genres, the traveling music festival advertises something for everyone, and the 2013 edition will be no different.

The tour was created by Kevin Lyman, a tour organizer who worked with Lollapalooza for three years. In 1996, Lyman was approached by the Vans shoe company to create a skating festival. Lyman used the opportunity to create the Vans Warped Tour, which is still the longest running tour in America.

A typical stop in the Vans Warped Tour lasts all day, with several stages scattered throughout an outdoor venue. A lineup of the same bands play on the same stage each tour date, with each band’s set usually lasting around thirty minutes.

Since its inception, the genres of music featured on the tour have been changing at a steady pace. During the first few years, mostly punk bands such as Bad Religion and Pennywise were included in the tour. Today, bands spanning different musical roots are featured on the lineup, including bands from the pop punk, hardcore, ska, and alternative genres.

Some notable bands that are on the tour this summer are pop punk giants The Story so Far, Man Overboard, and The Wonder Years. Also making an appearance this year is August Burns Red, who will be supporting their new album Rescue and Restore, which will be released this summer.

In 1998, the tour went overseas for the first time in its history, visiting countries such as Australia, Japan, and Canada, including a tour of Europe as well. Last year, the tour returned to London for the first time since 1998 and will be returning to Australia this year for the first time since 1998 as well.

Going around to different stages and watching bands play is not the only entertainment available at Warped Tour. Throughout the venue on each tour stop, tents and stands sell band merchandise, CDs, and other things.  There are various times throughout the day when bands on tour are available for meet and greets with fans.

This year’s Warped Tour runs from 15 June to 4 August. It comes to Scranton on 16 July and Camden on 12 July.

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