Splash into Summer at Dorney

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Dorney Park is one of the biggest attractions within driving distance of Fleetwood. Dorney recently opened for weekends only on 3 May. They did this only for a few weeks before opening the park every day of the week on 23 May, when Wildwater Kingdom also opens.

Dorney has many great attractions from its coasters to its games to its kiddie rides; however, most people like to go to Dorney for the coasters. With some of the best coasters around, Dorney can provide the thrill and rush that most people desire when they want to go to an amusement park.

One of their most famous roller coasters is Steel Force. Steel Force opened in 1997, and at 5,600 feet, it is still the longest roller coaster on the east coast. It has a top speed of 75 mph, which is a huge thrill for coaster lovers everywhere. At the bottom of the first hill, riders experience around 2.5 G’s. There are many other roller coasters there, such as the Talon and Hydra, but this one is the most famous.

The other part of Dorney is Wildwater Kingdom. Wildwater Kingdom is a huge water park that shares the grounds with Dorney. Wildwater Kingdom has become one of the most well-known water parks around. Being attached to Dorney is a huge advantage for Wildwater Kingdom to attract visitors. People like how easy it is to go from an amusement park to a water park and enjoy the day with friends and family. Wildwater kingdom has everything a water park can have, especially a wave pool. They also have tons of water slides and a tube slide to go through.

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom provide such an enjoyable atmosphere, whether you’re five years old or fifty years old.

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