Teens Swinging to Vine

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Social media is something that’s completely rocked the world of teenagers from nation to nation. MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter have revolutionized the way people use the Internet, but perhaps one of the most popular ways to connect has come about in the past few weeks.

It’s also extremely simple.

Vine is an app for iPhones where a person takes a six second video where they can stop and start at any given point in the video. Students throughout Fleetwood Area High School have become obsessed with this app.

“I love using Vine so much. When I found this app on my iPhone, I seriously think I found my calling in life,” Auston Clauss said.

Clauss is a compulsive “Viner” along with many other students.

The part about Vine for which teenagers go crazy is being able to stop and start the videos. Picking up the video in a different setting can make the video more interesting.

Sometimes it can even add an illusion.

“My favorite thing to vine is my dog. I like to stop and then get closer to her face and start taping again so that when the video is all finished, the camera gets really close up in her face really fast,” Lauren Fuerst said.

Like all social media, however, many are wondering how long it’s going to take before something better comes along that overshadows Vine. Afterall, it did happen to every version of older social media at one point.
Something better is going to come along eventually, but for now, teenagers have gone crazy for Vine.

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