Summer Jobs Give Teens Long-Term Bank

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With summer approaching and school coming to an end, a lot more kids this year have summer jobs to occupy their time.

Particularly among the upcoming junior and senior classes, many students have begun driving and owning their first cars, which requires a lot of money. Without a summer job, paying for gas would be a huge problem for many.

“My parents refuse to pay for my gas, and I’m expected to pay for a portion of my insurance. Without my job, I’d be lost. I wouldn’t be able to have a social life because I wouldn’t be able to pay to drive anywhere,” Jake Lash, an employee at the Keystone Villa, said.

Having a job does occupy a lot of time during the school year, and the stress can become overwhelming on top of school work and sports, but over summer it becomes a lot easier because school is out.

“All of the kids who come home from college are back at work, so I’m not working as stressful of hours in the summer, and I have a lot more free time on my hands,” Boyer’s employee Caitlyn Murray explained.

The most important part of having a job, especially according to most parents, is saving money. Many high school seniors’ parents make them put money away out of every paycheck so they have it later on in college.

“I’m definitely looking to save more money throughout my senior year. I don’t want to be like every other college student, who never has any money to spend on themselves. It does get difficult sometimes though,” Burger King employee Lauren Fuerst said.

All in all, part-time jobs are very good on the teenage wallet. Making money when students have the opportunity is something a teen should always strive to do.

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