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The Fleetwood Area High School has many clubs, but most do not attend competitions with each other–in fact, very few do. One of the clubs that gets the privilege to compete is FBLA.

This school year, the FBLA participated in many competitions and, to no one’s surprise, won many places in numerous events. As a chapter, they won the Outstanding Chapter for this school year. They received eighth place with the William Selden Outstanding Chapter Award. This award is given to a chapter that has completed many activities and turned in all of the paperwork to the state.

Over 250 chapters are in Pennsylvania, with only 10 receiving this award. The Big 33 Club is a club within FBLA with which all chapters are involved, dealing with community services hours. Fleetwood received second place in this category, completing 4,022 hours in community services locally. Fleetwood as a whole also received 3rd place in the Local Chapter Annual Business Report. From Fleetwood’s chapter specifically, Joyce Zheng, 11th grade, received third place; Carol Zheng, 12th grade, received second; and Kayln Hess, 11th grade and future regional president, received first place.

The FBLA State Leadership Conference was held at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center for 3 days, 15-17 April.

In the Fleetwood Chapter, many individuals received places in various competitions, including tenth place to Haley Barnshaw, senior, as Ms. FBL; tenth place to Chelsea Bailey, senior, in Public Speaking II; seventh place to Jenna Dantas, junior in Client Services; and seventh place Steven Hilborn, senior, in Mr. FBL.

There were many team events in which Fleetwood participated and won, including the following: the team of juniors Kayln Hess, Kaelin Fedora, and Kate Newcomb, received fifth place in their American Enterprise Project; receiving third place in the category of Digital Video Production was the senior team of Tyler Raifsnyder and Anthony Au; the junior team of Jenna Dantas and Makayla Noll received second in Partnership with Business Project; and lastly, the senior team of Piper O’Keefe, Elizabeth Rothenberger, and Krista Whitman received first place for their Community Service Project.

In Anaheim California this summer, five lucky girls get the honor to participate in the National FBLA Leadership Conference for placing high enough at States.  These girls include Noll, Dantas, Rothenberger, Witman, and O’Keefe.

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