Miller-Keystone Gives Back To The Students

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On Thursday, 23 May, at the Reading Country Club, the Miller-Keystone Blood Center held its annual Recognition Breakfast. This breakfast is their “thank you” to all the schools and their coordinators who worked so hard in getting donors each every year.

As tradition, there is a keynote speaker. The speaker is someone who has received many blood transfusions through Miller-Keystone Blood Center, which, naturally impacts his or her life; some so much that it was the difference between life and death.

The speaker this year was actually an alumni of Fleetwood Area High School, Stef Phillips. Phillips’ story was very moving, explaining how she received countless units of blood after losing a lot of her own. Without the blood, she may not haven been living today.

Another tradition of the breakfast is the scholarships that seniors can receive after applying. This year, there were six scholarships, all with a five-hundred-dollar value. Although Fleetwood does an amazing job at every drive, there is always room for improvement. That is why FAHS may be possibly be challenged by a community member, which means the school is expected to either attempt to reach a certain goal or get a higher percentage of units than a previous drive. Nothing official has been recorded.

Nurse Fansler was unable to attend this year’s breakfast, so in her stead, Mr. Kellett became the chaperone for the school.

This year was a special year for Fleetwood. The Spring blood drive was dedicated to fifth grade teacher Jim Fry, who received many blood transfusions after critical transplants. As a result, he also was asked to attend the breakfast as a guest and chaperone for the trip.

The students who attended were Emily DeLong, senior; Elizabeth Rohde, senior; Cassie Harter, junior; and Melanie Lehman, senior.

Collectively, the seniors have enjoyed their time as coordinators and wish their successors luck. As they know, it takes lots of planning, time, and effort.

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