Random Cheese: What is Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

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1) Tracy Reich, Study Hall Monitor– “The leaves, air, acorns–everything!  I love fall!”
2) Bri Bailey, 12th grade– “I Love the coldness.”
3) Aubree Kilp, 9th grade– “Thanksgiving, bonfires, and hot chocolate.”
4) Casey Santos, 12th grade– “Halloween and haunted houses.”
5) Andrew Tissera, 9th grade– “The crunching sound of leaves under my feet.”
6) Melanie Lovell, 11th grade– “The colors! It’s cool out, and you can wear skinny jeans and hoodies.”
7) Madelyn Grundowski, 10th grade– “Candles and being able to wear comfy clothes.”
8) Isaiah Fuentes, 12th grade– “The colors and jumping in leaf piles.”
9) Lex Copp, 9th grade– “The colors of the leaves changing.”
10) Killian Grider, 12th grade– “Colorful leaves and apple cider.”

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