D-Jack out of Philly

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Philadelphia Eagles recently released superstar wide receiver Desean Jackson. The wideout is one of the most fearsome receivers in the league, with deafening speed and great hands. There has been much controversy lately about Jackson’s future.

Jackson was the deep threat in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense and made defenders fearful of big plays. The Eagles played the entire last season without one of their best receivers, Jeremy Maclin, who tore is ACL prior to the 2013 season.

“It’s a big loss for the Eagles, but if he was involved in gang-related activities, then there’s nothing else they could do,” senior Doug Karpuek said.

Philadelphia fans will be hoping that Maclin can help fill the gap where “D-Jack” once was. There are many specifications to what Jackson was doing off the field also.

There were allegations that Jackson continued to associate with reputed Los Angeles street gang members who were apparently associated with a few homicides. Philly may not be releasing the Pro Bowl receiver for no reason at all.

“Desean is a really good player.  That’ll be a big loss for the Eagles,” sophomore Tyler Emge said.

The last thing a team wants is a player who could be tied to illegal activity. Desean Jackson was shown throwing up gang signs on social media and in a game against the Washington Redskins last season.

Jackson put up career numbers last year with eighty-two catches and 1,332 yards. The Eagles had a strong season last year, winning the NFC East but losing the first round in the playoffs to the New Orleans Saints.

It wasn’t all bad this offseason in Philadelphia.  They also picked up dynamic running back Darren Sproles to partner with arguably the best running back in the league, Lesean McCoy. The team also recently picked up former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to give Matt Barkley some competition at backup.

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