Foreign Exchange is a Cultural Exchange

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They leave their entire lives, and all they know about life, behind, just to go to a school somewhere in a different country for five or ten months. This year, Fleetwood Area High School has four exchange students.  They are from Japan, Romania, Denmark, and Sweden. They find life in America new and exciting (for the most part), but how do the students of the school feel about having foreigners at the school?

“The best part about having exchange students is learning about the similarities and differences between our countries,” senior Gillian Agnew said.

“It is very interesting meeting new people and seeing how different a life can be in a different country,” said Maddie Wood said..

Of course there, would be bigger differences between certain countries; for example, the cultural differences between Egypt and the U.S. would be bigger than the differences between the U.S. and a European country.

Agnew said she would choose to go to Sweden if she was able to choose between this year’s exchange students’ home countries.

“I love the cold, and all the free stuff sounds nice. Who wouldn’t like free healthcare and college?” Agnew said.

If she was to give advice to the exchange students,or new students at the school, it would be to join the school’s clubs and sports, as it is the easiest way to meet new people or make friends.

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