Reporter Bio–Owen Sandor

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OwenSandorOwen Sandor was born on 10 February 1998. He enjoys writing, socializing, casual sports, and playing video games. He is involved in chess club and academic challenge. Sandor also volunteers his time to the Special Olympics and writes for the “Voices” section of the Reading Eagle.

Sandor intends to attend college, majoring in Journalism and becoming a journalist. He started to become interested in journalism when he entered high school and had refined his interests. English has always been his best subject, and writing has always been his strong suit. Sandor started writing for “Voices” in order to get some experience in journalism.

Sandor has always been down-to-earth and realistic. Simplicity is one of his most important values. His favorite movie happens to be Submarine, a film with a realistic portrayal of a teenager’s life without any romanticism. Of course, he also enjoys the engaging plot line. His favorite book, Of Mice and Men, is a book that left quite an impression on him. It evoked emotions of sadness, and he felt connected to the characters and the plot. Sandor believes that one should stand for something that benefits the greater good.

By Adrian Alicea


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