German Club Prepares Traditional Dish

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German Club recently met up for its second meeting of the year. Among those who attended the most recent meeting were junior Max Ruemmler and junior Arthur Borodi.

According German Club members, this was one of the most anticipated meetings in the club’s recent memory because the subject of the meeting involved making a traditional German dish.

The main objective of this meeting was to make dampfnudel, which is a German pastry. Dampfnudel is common in Germany, primarily its southern region and in parts of France as well.

All members reported to the Food Lab to prepare the dessert. The club was instructed by Pastor John Folk. Folk learned how to make dampfnudel, as well as lots of other information about German culture, while he stayed in Germany in the past.

Additionally, German Club’s members were taught how to make a vanilla sauce to go with it. According to some of the students who were at the meeting, the Dampfnudel and vanilla sauce were both delicious.

Members of German Club are very excited for some upcoming events. Ruemmler said that he is looking forward to the Reading Liederkranz. All club members are invited to attend the Liederkranz, which is in the first week of November.

Borodi said that he encourages new members to join. He said that the club offers several educational opportunities that are also fun and interesting to participate in. Ruemmler offered similar thoughts, saying the club’s members, “learn a lot of things about the culture.”

Any students who are interested in joining German Club should contact Mrs. Moll as soon as possible for more information.

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