Disney Still The Most Diverse Tourism Experience

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Many students and teachers have traveled to Disney World.  This is a place where families makes memories together–a place of fun, love, and adventure. Disney World consists of five theme parks and a big water park.

Epcot has a range of events and rides to undertake. They include art galleries and delicious places to eat, not to mention plays on ice. “The circle of life” is an indoor play similar to The Lion King, a movie created by Disney. There is also a world showcase in Disney World, which consists of places like Canada, The United Kingdom, Norway, Mexico, China, Paris, etc. Guests visit this little section and enjoy different types of food, language, and culture.

In Epcot there is a Future World East and West. On the West side, there are rides like “Soarin” as well as Image Works and places to eat like “Sunshine Seasons.”  On the East side, there are rides like “Test Track” and “Spaceship Earth.”  After a long day, a place to look into eating is “Electric Umbrella.”

Another theme park is the Magic Kingdom. One fun fact is that, every night at the Magic Kingdom, fireworks are displayed from the castle. While in the Magic Kingdom, guests can visit places like “Main Street USA,” “Adventure Land,” “Frontier Land,” and “Liberty Square.”  In “Main Street USA,” the places you can go include “City Hall” and “Town Square Theater.”  There is also a famous restaurant hosted by Coca-Cola called “Casey’s Corner.”

In “Adventure Land,” guests can visit the “Swiss Family Tree-house” and the “The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.” If you have ever seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, it is based off of a ride for “Adventure Land” of the same name.  After the ride, there is the Treasure of the Seven Seas quest. Guests have to travel all through “Adventure Land” finding clues and searching for the treasure.

“Frontier Land” is famous for “Splash Mountain” and ”Thunder Mountain Railroad.” A place to enjoy food there is the “Golden Oak Outpost.”  The last park in “Magic Kingdom” is “Liberty Square,” where the “Haunted Mansion” is situated.  The effects they utilize make it seem like a real movie. A special place to eat here is the “Liberty Tree Tavern.”

The next theme park in Disney World is “Animal Kingdom.” If you want to get in touch with you inner animal, this is definitely the place to be. This place is set up between six different parks: “Africa,” “Asia,” “Oasis,” “Discovery Island,” “Rafiki’s Planet Watch,” and “Dino Land USA.”

In “Oasis,” they have “The Oasis Exhibits.”  If you want to see tropical gardens, this is the place to be.  Next to “Oasis” is “Dino land USA.” Next is “Asia.”  In this park they have the “Flights of Wonder.”  If you want to relax, it’s a cool shaded theatre where they display birds and other animals. They also have a ride where you can explore the adventures of the jungle landscape, called the “Kali River Rapids.”

“Rafiki’s Planet Watch” is where you can really get in contact with the animals in places like “Habitat Habit” and “Affection Section.”  “Discovery Island” has more insects than other animals. They have a place called “It’s Tough to be a Bug”, a Disney Pixar film to show the life of a bug. If you want to go on expeditions around the parks seeing new animals and learning new things, definitely check out the “Wilderness Explorers.”

The last park is “Africa.”  In this park, they have “Festival of the Lion King”, which is a Broadway show with pageantry and puppetry. A nice place to eat is “Donald’s Dining Safari at Tusker House Restaurant.”  Guests get to eat with all the characters throughout the park!

The next theme park is “Hollywood Studios.” This park consists of “Hollywood Boulevard,” “Echo Lake,” “Streets of America,” “Commissary Lane,” “Pixar Place,” “Mickey Avenue,” and “Sunset Boulevard.”  These places mainly consist of immersing guests within movies, shows, plays, and characters as well as teaching tourists about Hollywood. One of their most famous two rides are the “Rock ‘n Roll Coaster, Starring Aerosmith” and “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.”

The very last theme park is “Downtown Disney.” This is a family shopping and eating establishment. It is more relaxing for at night. They have the famous “Rainforest Café,” a nice place to eat after a long night of shopping.


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