Fleetwood Students Start Computing Club

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Computing club is a new addition to the plethora of clubs at Fleetwood Area High School. Mr. Farr is the new club’s advisor.

The computing club competes in multiple competitions.   Learning different programming languages is just one of many skills acquired when attending club meetings.

This new club helps significantly when wanting to continue learning in the software engineering field. Computing club can also help in the computer science field. Their meetings take place after school.

“The more clubs that meet students needs, the better,” science teacher Mr. Mark Coassolo said.

Not only does this club offer a more in-depth understanding of computers, it can aid also students in choosing college majors.  

“We discuss our competitions and elaborate to further our knowledge in computer science,” club president Kyle Keirstead said.

 Some skills acquired in this class are problem solving, programming, and learning the languages of programming, such as C++.

“Anyone who is willing to join can do it,” Keirstead said.

The computing club meets every monday after school.

The computing club competes in several competitions in The American Computer Science League (ASCL). This year, the ACSL has over 200 teams competing from many different countries.  

The computing club will be participating in the Cyber Security Awareness week. It  is the nation’s largest student run event.

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