Homecoming 2016 a Success

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Homecoming 2016 began the week of 26 September. During the previous month, many students put in time during and after school hours preparing for this special week. The annual hallway decorating kicks off the homecoming events and gets everyone excited for the final festivities. The Jukebox Juniors took the win over the Fiery Freshman, Sweet Sophomores, and Successful Seniors.

During that final week, each day is dedicated to a certain theme. For the first time in a while, students were allowed a pajama day. Each class was competing to see who could earn the most points based on their school spirit. The sophomores earned 1,260 points, taking first place. Seniors come out on top yet again (third year in a row) for powderpuff but still received fourth place for school spirit. The faculty participated as well and took fifth place–although they could not participate in many of the competitions in which students took part.

Every year, Fleetwood decides to make Friday of the homecoming week a half day. On that half day, the faculty plans out a fun, relaxing day for the student body to get them excited for the football game on Saturday. This year, food was available in the cafeteria, there was a pep rally, and students participated in a game of Jeopardy hosted by the teachers in the auditorium. Sadly, girls basketball was not asked to sell walking tacos this year, but FBLA took over and sold snacks and drinks instead.

“This year’s pep rally went extremely well, better than last year’s in my opinion. More of the students were involved during the powderpuff game than they usually are.  They weren’t worried about just socializing with one another,” English teacher Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson said.

The yearly tradition is to have the homecoming parade and bonfire, but, due to the weather, it has been canceled for the past two years. Despite the rainy weather, the Fleetwood Tigers still managed to get a good crowd going Saturday night at the football game. They faced the Reading Red Knights yet lost in overtime 29-28. During halftime, the 2016 homecoming King and Queen were announced; this year’s winners were Marckens Griffon and Cortney Geist.

“I didn’t think this homecoming was one of our best.  We didn’t play any of the games, and we were just worried about volleyball. We should’ve done tug-of-war!” senior Sam Colelli said.

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