Fleetwood StuCo Attends 80th PASC

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Every year, a Pennsylvania high school hosts the State Conference for Student Councils across the state. For the past several years, Fleetwood’s Council has been fortunate enough to attend.

This year’s state conference was hosted by Deer Lakes High School.  Deer Lakes’ students spent nearly two years working in preparation to host over 1,000 students. The students present spent the weekend playing games, listening to speakers, attending workshops, feasting on banquets, and partaking of dances.

A crowd favorite was speaker Cara Filler, who shared the story of her personal tragedy to teach students about decision-making. Accompanied by advisors Ms. Susan Nagle and Mrs. Dina Heffner, fifteen FAHS students were able to join in on the fun.

Fleetwood’s council was awarded the Distinguished Keystone Council Award, and underclassman Andrew Menet was given the Dale Hawley Award. This was the second year that the Fleetwood Council was recognized, and Menet was one of few students in the state given this honor.

District 13, to which the Fleetwood Student Council belongs, had the most Student Council’s recognized at the state level.

“The trip was very educational and we were all very grateful to have gotten to participate. We as a council are very proud  of our accomplishments, and we are very proud of Andrew,” Student Council Secretary Emma Davies said.

The conference came to a close after PASC State President, Tyler Raub, closed the time capsule that is set to be opened twenty years from now at the 100th annual PASC State conference.

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