Farnes Feasts on American Clubs

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Farnes Silveria Rodriguez is a sixteen-year-old foreign exchange student attending Fleetwood Area High School for the 2016-17 school year. Farnes will be joining the Fleetwood class of 2018 for her eleventh grade year through Rotary Exchange.

Farnes was born in Boston, Massachusetts, though she has lived in Barcelona, Spain, for the past fourteen years of her life. Having been born in The United States of America, this exchange program is a unique opportunity for Farnes.

She began her interest in the foreign exchange program three years ago and decided to study abroad in the United States in order to learn about where she came from firsthand.

Upon her arrival at Fleetwood, Farnes took advantage of the many new opportunities in front of her. She currently participates in cheerleading, Student Council, Film Club, Future Business Leaders of America, and German Club, among other activities.

Farnes also has plans to join the Fleetwood Track and Field team and hopes to continue experiencing as many new activities as she can in the short amount of time she will be studying in the United States.

Participating in school-run activities is new to Rodriguez because, in Spain, all extracurriculars are run through the community rather than through the school system. Being able to actively partake in sports and clubs has been a desire of Farnes’s since her arrival in the United States.

Her only sense of culture shock thus far has been the amount of involvement American students have in their schools.

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