Spring Concert Earns High Praise

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On Friday, 12 May, The Choral and Jazz spring concert took place, and students were very eager to share their experience.

Nicole Powers had a lot to say about the weather that night.

“It was awarm, but not so warm, only so warm as to almost wear a jacket but not quite cold enough to wear a jacket so you’re stuck in this weird no jacket limbo, but it didn’t really matter if you were to wear a jacket because you were just walking from your car to the auditorium anyway,” Powers said.

Many students felt that they were very well prepared for what the night had planned for them. Months of preparation went into each performance, and all sources suggest it paid off very well.

“All of the groups did an amazing job, and the hard work everyone put in this year really paid off,” freshman student Michaela Kaskey said.

“I felt like it was very relaxed. It felt like a really chill environment, and everyone knew what they were doing, so there was no stress put on anyone. No mistakes were made, and everything went just as planned,” junior student Emily Delozier said.

The audience seemed to respond very well to the performances.

“My favorite part of the night was listening to women’s chorus and the jazz band. I could tell that the groups put in a lot of effort to make it run so smoothly,” sophomore student Kayla Oviedo said.

“It was an incredible performance that truly showed how much they worked, and I believe everyone who performed in chorus and Jazz Band will get very far,” sophomore student Addie Procak said.

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