Prom at Bear Creek Deemed a Success

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This year’s prom was considered a big success by most students. For seniors, it was a good way to end their high school careers, and, for others, it was a good first prom overall.

The location of prom this year was at Bear Creek. Many people enjoyed the idea of having it there because it is a very nice place. Bear Creek also did an amazing job.

Unfortunately, students who went to districts in track and field were either unable to go to prom or unable to go to districts for track.

“It was a weird experience [to win Prom Prince]. I didn’t really care to win but I guess it was cool,” junior Nathan Mercuri said.

Bear Creek was able to provide a lot of very good food. Many of the students were very impressed and said that it was a very good upgrade from last year’s food.

“Senior year prom was definitely one to remember. It would not have been as great if I did not have as great of a date as I did. Also, my friends made this senior prom great. It makes me realize how much I’m going to miss everyone at school, but it was a great way to go out for the year,” senior Brodrick Allen said.

Not only was this prom amazing for the students, but it was great for the teachers who were able  to go and see the seniors’ last prom.

“I am really going to miss all of the seniors so much, especially the ones that I became really close to throughout the four years of their high school career. They really make teaching so special for me. I would not have as great of a teaching experience without my students,” English teacher Sarah Wilkinson said.

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