April Fools: Prom Venue Changed to Aux Gym

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On 1 March 2019, it was decided that prom would be held in the high school instead of the planned venue at Bear Creek. Due to a lack of funds, prom will have to be held at the high school. Since there will be school on Friday, there will not be enough time to decorate the cafe. Students will also have their regular gym classes, as well as sporting events in the gym, so the only possible place to have the prom is in the auxiliary gym.

The funds are so low that media teacher Mr. Sean Gaston was hired as our DJ.  Decorations for the event include a disco ball, silly string, and tissue paper. The prom will also include a visit from Joffrey the donkey, who students will be allowed to pet. All guests will get yo-yos and hacky sacks as favors. Sloppy Joes and Dino Nuggies will be on the menu. Heels are prohibited from being worn because they will scratch the gym floor.

Because prom is at the high school, the dress code will be strictly enforced, so sleeveless dresses are not allowed. The staff decided that too many students will be upset by the prom court, so students now have to pick the staff chaperones as prom king and queen. Tickets for prom are $60 dollars, and food prices are not included. Food and drinks cost anywhere from $5 to $15 dollars depending on what one orders.

Students have mixed emotions on the changes.

“It is small, but the smaller the space, the more you converse, and before you know it people are making lifelong friends,” senior Grace Tinman said.

“The space is very small; I hope that doesn’t create any conflicts,” freshman Alexis Heller said.

Prom 2019 will certainly be memorable–especially with these changes.

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