FAHS FBLA Goes to States

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This April, the Future Business Leaders of America club competed in the state competition. Three different groups within Fleetwood successfully made it to states. These groups included a job interview with Sacha Joseph, in the “job interview” category; introduction  to social media strategy with Catherine Annabel, Abigail Koehle, and Evangeline Crossley; and the community service project with Cassandra  Batz, Jossalyn Galeassi, and Taylor Clark. These community service participants worked alongside Ronald McDonald House of Charities for their project. 

This project aimed to help the families of the community, including spreading awareness about the positive impact of The Ronald McDonald House of Charities’ good work. Community service initially started with Batz but was later extended to Galeassi and Clark.

“I think the topic is very beneficial and good to spread awareness because not everyone knows about it or what they do for families,” Galeassi said.

All participants in the state competition were very excited. This year, nationals are going to be virtual, which is a bummer for some, but understandable given the circumstances. Before COVID national participants would attend competition in Hershey, PA. However, contestants do admit that the intimidating nature of the proceedings are diminished by the switch to virtual competition.

Competing in these events gives students something to do after school and is often considered to be quite fun. Sacha Joseph decided to do a job interview for a business. This event includes submitting a resume and a cover letter.

“I love talking to people, and I hoped it would be a good experience to practice for interviews in the future,” Joseph said.

The teacher in charge of Fleetwood’s high school FBLA team is business teacher Mrs. Kelly Ackerman, who makes sure everyone is involved, prepared, and given the opportunity to succeed.

“We chose our topic because it seemed the most interesting to write about,” Koehle said.

Five members of FBLA have made it to The National Business Honor Society, including Jeffrey Davenport, Julia Kaskey, Abigail Kile, Maegan Mileshosky, and Abby Warren.

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