Fleetwood Track and Field Strong in Spite of COVID

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“It’s fun to hang out with people with the same interests as you, sports-wise,” senior Abby Kile said about her experiences on FAHS’s track and field team.

This year, track and field is a little different due to COVID safety measures. Masks are mandatory most of the time, and concession stands seem to be a rarity. Nonetheless, the Fleetwood track and field team is still going strong with most students breaking personal records.

The team has been working hard this year, with many players staying as long as the middle schoolers, whose practice ends much later than theirs. Everyone is very determined to beat their old times as well as jump and throw farther or higher. 

Track offers many different events: sprints, long distance running, hurdles, jumping events, pole vault, and three different throwing events. 

However, track is still a more relaxing sport, with many joining to have fun with friends and stay in shape. This is true for Kile and Ben Koncsics. Kile is a senior this year; she runs the 800m, the 400m, the 4 by 800 relay, and she also throws javelin.

“[To practice,] I mainly do long distance sprints and timed runs,” Kile said. She’s also trying javelin for the first time this year, showing it’s never too late to try something completely new in track.

Ben Koncsics, a sophomore, runs the 110m hurdles, the 300 hurdles, and does both long jump and triple jump. He didn’t get much of a season last year, so this year is almost his first year competing.

“My overall experience has been incredible and amazing, but cold,” Koncsics said.

The regular track season starts right as winter track ends, so it’s still cold outside for the first couple of weeks, but it warms up in April and May.

This year, Fleetwood has gone to several invitationals and has a few people poised to go to counties and districts this year, including Nick Hill, Danny Heebner, and Emilie Bartosch.

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