FAHS to host Blood Drive on 20 October

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Everyone can help save a life when The Miller-Keystone blood drive comes to Fleetwood Area High School on 20 October. In order to be eligible to donate blood, a volunteer must be at least sixteen-year- old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good health. One cannot have underlying health conditions that would make it dangerous to donate.

For each blood drive, students must get a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian. Permission slips for this drive are due to science teacher and blood drive coordinator Ms. Jennifer Neiman by 15 October. The blood drive is only one day, but there will be two more opportunities to donate blood during the school year. Students and staff are encouraged to donate if they are able to. 

“The process is nearly painless…just a little pinch and the people that come to do the phlebotomy (blood drawing) are great,” Neiman said.

Those who give blood should eat breakfast and also eat afterward. Students can donate up to three times during the school year, and those who donate four times during high school will receive a cord at graduation. 

To students interested in helping out with the drive, anyone can be a coordinator. Students can sign up to be a coordinator whether or not they can or cannot donate blood themselves. Those who want to get involved with the blood drive can do so through Neiman. Students can also train to be a canteen aide (someone who assists the blood technicians) or take on the responsibility of getting people to sign up for the drive.

“Being a blood drive coordinator is a fun responsibility. I enjoy it and take pride in being able to help out with the blood drive,” coordinator and junior Delaney Devlin said.

All individuals who can are encouraged to donate blood. To those wary of doing so, Neiman says, “I encourage them to try. You have the potential to save three people’s lives. And you get snacks!” 

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